Get paid in-store or on-the-go

Collect card payments using the Nomba POS Terminals.

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Get paid in-store or on-the-go

The Best Way to Accept Offline and Online Payments

Experience how you receive payments with the new Nomba MAX POS terminal

With the Nomba MAX Terminal, you can:

  • Connect your terminal to a Nomba business account

  • Conveniently accept card payments, wherever you are

  • Easily take payments with any type of bank card

  • Print a receipt

  • Manage daily business financial transactions

  • Track payments across your business outlets

  • View all payments received on the terminal

  • Enjoy wireless connectivity(WiFi & Bluetooth)

  • Confirm all funds settled to your Nomba account at the end of the day

Nomba Pro Front
Nomba Mini
Nomba Mini

Accept all Bank Cards, the new pocket-sized terminal for swift and successful transactions.

Outright purchase

Nomba Lite
Nomba Lite

Accept all Bank Cards, Connects to WiFi

Lease Price

Nomba Lite
Nomba Pro

Accept all Bank Cards, Pocket Friendly Light and Sleeky, Easy to operate Connects to 4G/3G/2G WiFi Bluetooth Connectivity

Outright purchase

Nomba Max
Nomba MAX

This device has faster transaction speed, Long lasting battery, High speed printer and is Sleek & Durable to give an overall high speed performance.

Outright purchase

A chance to move your business to the next level

A chance to move your business to the next level

Here's what you need to get the new POS terminal

  • Your business name

  • Your Nomba business account number

accept payments timeline gif

Requesting a POS terminal on your Nomba account?

Follow these steps to request for a POS terminal for your business

Step 1

Sign in and go to “Accept payments”

Sign in with your email address & password and go to the “Accept payments” section on your dashboard

Step 2

Click “Terminals”, then “Request a new terminal””

Select “Request for a new outlet” if you are a new user or “Request for an existing outlet” if you’ve had a Nomba POS. Choose a terminal type and quantity.

Step 3

Confirm request and make payments

Specify where your request should be delivered, review your delivery status and wait for the arrival of your terminal(s) within 2 days.

accept payments timeline gif

Steps to activating your new POS terminal

Follow these steps to activate your POS terminal after request

Step 1

Sign in and go to "Accept payments”

Click “Terminals” to check the status of your delivered terminal(s)

Step 2

Click “Activate Now”

To activate, input the serial number of your terminal(s) which can be found behind the terminal machine

Step 3

Click “Confirm” to activate a terminal

Get this done, in a minute. Thereafter, your terminal becomes ready to use

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